How to make effective presentation


Here are some essential notes you have to consider dealing with effective presentation.

1.      Many people assume that presentation is very difficult especially if it is in a foreign language. Sometimes it is likely similar with someone who is in a stressful or frightening situation when he meets a dentist. However, presentation is not very difficult as long as you know what you are expected to do and make a better preparation.

2.      In the previous session, we have already discussed that presentation means standing in front of people (audience) in order to give certain information. Someone who gives information is called presenter or speaker while people who listen to information are called audiences.

3.      In a broader sense, we may conclude that presentation skill is a must for you as an intellectual people regardless your majors. Moreover, this competency is really required  in work place.  

4.     Generally, most people prefer listening to making presentation, but a few have different point of view. Some can be neither presenter nor listener.

5.      Let you learn your module page 46 – 50. There you will find two important things to make effective presentation. They are, first, what you are going to present. It means the title of your presentation. A new presenter commonly adjusts his title or topic with the need of his prospect audiences (calon pendengar). To do that a presenter had better try to gather information as much as possible about his prospective audience before choosing a title. Information includes age, status, job, educational background, religion, culture etc. The topic itself is divided into INTRODUCTION, BODY, and CONCLUSION. Needless to say, some people believe that introduction and conclusion are more important. Second, how you are presenting the topic. It is so-called delivery. Eye-contact, voice and posture relaxed are parts of delivery. Even though, many people say that delivery is more important than topic, but effective presentation may not ignore one of the two factors.

6.     There are some important points you have to mention on INTRODUCTION. They are : greetings, self introduction, thanks, topic, reason why you are interested to choose it, parts of your presentation, and certain rules whether or not you let the audience interrupt you to ask questions. Next, I will show you a simple draft of INTRODUCTION:                               

Good afternoon everybody. My name is Rudi Saputra. I come from Faculty of Communication, majoring Public Relation. My registration number is 200958089.  First of all, I want to say thanks to Mr. Laris as my Business English lecture. Next, I also say thanks to all my friends who follow my presentation well. Today I want to talk about the roles of PR. I choose this topic, because there are many people who do not know the role of PR.  In the first part of my presentation I will tell you the definition of PR, after that I will explain about history of PR, then I will move to PR’s classifications, next I will talk much about PR’s role and finally before I stop my presentation, I will take some conclusions. I will be very happy if you ask me at the end of my presentation. Let me start.

7.     Give complete information on BODY of your presentation. You need to explain every main parts of your topic. A presenter will spend most of his time in this part. Sometimes a presenter will show some examples and make comparison dealing with topic.

8.     Never stop your presentation without taking conclusion. It is said that conclusion is the most important part of a presentation. Frankly speaking, there is no new information on conclusion. A homely way to make conclusion is to review the main point on body only. Long conclusion is sometimes less effective to audience.

9.      How to design slide? Slide is really needed on presentation. Slide is a helpful tool for a presenter to deliver information to audience. In other words, slide does not make presentation, but contains the main points of the whole presentation. Therefore using to many slides may take over the role of a presenter.  On final semester exam every student is allowed to prepare two slides only, not more than that. You have to know that slide does not contain all information about the topic.  What you have to put on your slide are : one title or topic, 4-5 Sub-titles, conclusion (2-3 short sentences), name, registration number and faculty.  Take a look at the examples below :


                                     CORRUPTION IN INDONESIA IN 2000s      

                     I          Definition         

                     II         Types of Corruption

                     III        Causes of Corruption

                     IV       Act about Corruption

                     V        Case

                     VII     Conclusion

1.     ________________________________________

2.     ________________________________________

3.     ________________________________________



                                               Marketing Function

              I     Definition

              II   History and Elements of marketing

              III   Function

             IV   Examples

              V    Conclusion

1.     ___________________________________

2.     ___________________________________

3.     ___________________________________

4.     ___________________________________


10.      Another important thing you have to remember is KEEP TO THE TIME. It means before starting a presentation you have to know well how long you are given the time to deliver introduction, body and conclusion. Having known the available time, you need to divide your time, how long (many minutes) you will spend on introduction, on body and an conclusion.  Generally, it is better less than one minute than more than one minute to stop a presentation.

Writing Paragraph

About Writing Paragraph

  1. Writing Competency is the third part of mastering a foreign language besides speaking and reading. Someone who can speak fluently does not mean that he can write easily or vise versa. What important things in writings are  possessing a lot of vocabulary and mastering sentence pattern.
  2. A paragraph is a group of sentences, that has one main idea with several supporting sentences. Most writers put the main idea in the beginning of every paragraph, some prefer placing it in the middle and a few write it in the last sentence. Supporting sentences functions to give complete information about the topic sentences. Sometimes, main idea is also called topic sentence.
  3. A sentence is a group of wards that has complete meaning. A sentence must be correct in structure and diction.
  4. In writing a paragraph we should be able to differentiate formal writing or informal one. Most business activities require formal rather than informal writing.
  5. An effective paragraph consists of 50 to 150 words. Then in one paragraph there should be at least three sentences. In general it is recommended that you apply simple and short sentences in writing paragraph. Short sentences are usually around 10 – 20 words.
  6. However, writing a paragraph is not an easy task for many people especially for a beginner.
  7. Steps to write a paragraph, first : you have to choose an appropriate topic or title.  Title is the central point of the whole paragraph. Sometimes it is better you choose a simple topic rather than the complicated one. Second, determine the main points of your paragraph orderly. What should you write first then, the next and so on. Third, make sure that you get the main purpose of your writing whether you want to inform, to describe, to report, to persuade, to claim, to propose, etc.

For example:

Esa Unggul University

Esa Unggul University is a private university, which is located at 9, Jalan Arjuna West Jakarta. It was established in 1994. There are around 10,000 students of several faculties. Many of them take morning class and the remaining join the evening class. Students are very active and they have close relationship with all lecturers and staff. The facilities are complete and these make them eager to learn in order to be graduated on time. Every year, this university receives new students and graduates around 800 students as well. Among other private university in West Jakarta, Esa Unggul has good reputation and is assumed as a prominent university in future.

Note   :    The bold part is called as topic sentence and the remaining sentences are called supported sentences.