A. Introduction

Frankly speaking, all graduates can be classified into two groups. First, those who want to run their own businesses (job creators) and second, those who want to look for job vacancies (job seekers). It is said that more than 90 % of the graduates belong to the second classification. This is caused by several main reasons : 1) they want to earn money as soon as possible, 2) they lack of qualifications as employers such as: leadership and managerial tasks, 3) they prefer low to high risk.

Dealing with the above brief description, we could say that application letter takes a great role for the success of job seekers. They need to know characteristics of good application letter and all its other essential elements, even though good application letter does not guarantee that they get jobs absolutely.

B. Types of Application Letter

Commonly, there are three types of application letter, namely; 1) application as a reply to advertisement; 2) application based on recommendation; 3) application based on initiative of the applicants. In other words, anytime applicants may send application letter as long as it is a private company. It is said that most working people get jobs through the first type, but the second type has strong possibility to be accepted.

C. Further Notes about Application Letter

– Application letter is a means of communication used by an applicant to keep in touch with the employer.

– As representative an applicant has to consider three important elements. They are quality of paper, tone and content.

– Employers are not interested with long application letter for they are very busy. Therefore, one page is recommended.

– Remember, it is not polite to say thanks at the end of the letter. It is said that English people will say thanks if they get something.

– The main philosophy of submitting application is not to apply the job itself. Instead, it will ask the employer to offer a chance of job interview. In order to get more detail information, let you open your module pages32 – 35.

– About CV Writing, you may design by yourself and compare with your module page 40.

– Examples of application letter can be found in your module pages 37 and 38.

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